Sexy Daidra chokes a helpless man
Gorgeous Daidra, in black stockings and corset, uses various chocking and strangling techniques on her subordinate: she places her bare hand on his throat and pushes really hard in order to reduce his air supply, then does the same with her knee and foot. After that she makes him turn around, starts strangling him with his own silver necklace chain and at right this moment Daisra begins to truly enjoy their little breath play game.
Lydie teaches a guy a lesson by choking him
Lydie is not pleased with the way her guy is speaking to him, so she violently throws him on the bed and immediately starts punishing him: she doesn't want to use her soft hands, so she strangles him with her leg, putts him in a lock, then stands up and pushes her foot against his throat, restricting his breathing. Once she is sure that he has learned his lesson, she mercifully lets him lick her dirty feet.

Gina Blonde strangles a guy
Gorgeous Gina Blonde, dressed in all American bra and pink panties, uses her man to have some good afternoon fun. As soon as he comes back from work, she throws him on the carpet and starts choking him with her bare hands. Once they get sore from all the pushing and squeezing she stands up and steps on his throat, pushing with all her weight, then comes up with even better idea and starts strangling him with a rope.
Ebony in hardcore breath play
Ebony, wearing short black dress, sexy stockings and massive platform boots, is ready to toy around with her guy. She tells him to lie down on the mat and the two of them start their breath play game, of course she remains in full control at all times, and suffocates and chokes him with her hands, with her heavy black boots and even with a thick rope.

Kristina suffocates a guy
Kristina, in sexy sports bra and matching panty, has found a guy on which to practice her suffocating and choking techniques. She starts gently at first, choking him with her arms for a few minutes, then begins using her muscled legs, wraps them around his neck and squeezes as hard as she can.

Kristina choking a helpless guy
Kristina is as sexy as ever, dressed in high boots, jeans, and tight gray top, but this man doesn't seem to appreciate all that and she decides to teach him a lesson by reducing his air supply. The first thing that she does is tie up his hands behind his back, and now she can start with her kinky breath play. She chokes him with her arms, then drags him closer to the sofa, and strangles him with her legs and later with a rope.
Mistress Amrita in a breath play movie
Mistress Amrita prepares carefully for this breath play: she dresses in leather bra and panty, makes the guy take off his shirt, then ties his hands behind his back, and submits him by applying a few choking techniques that she has learned a while ago. After that she carries on with the strangling in various different positions and finally sits on the guy's throat, leaving him gasping for breath.
Kristina choking a guy in leg scissor
Kristina loves breath playing and she derives great satisfaction when choking her man. She places his head between her muscular legs and suffocates him in a strong leg scissor, then gets behind him, places her left hand over his mouth and starts squeezing his throat with her stronger right hand.

Holly strangling shirtless guy
Now that this guy is with his hands tied behind his back Holy can start working on him with her strong hands. She loves their kinky breath play game, and as always she starts nice and slow by placing her hand over the man's mouth and pulling his hair a few times. After her little foreplay she begins choking the guy's windpipe with her hands, and when she's done with him she sits comfortably on the sofa with her legs resting on his back.
Sexy Kitty choking a topless man
Kitty, dressed in sexy white top and short checked skirt, is in a mood for a little breath play. She ties the man's hands, and starts by wrapping her feet around his throat and reducing his air supply. When she sees that he can easily handle this, she begins playing rougher and steps on his windpipe, applying all her weight, and finally sits beside him and squeezes his neck with her strong leg.